Waterjet cutting systems generate more than 1,000 kg of abrasive sludge every day even when using just two cutting heads.

To ensure that the plant systems remain reliably in operation in the long term without incurring high costs, the sludge produced must be extracted quickly. Because once the sludge has hardened, the only thing that can help is manual cleaning of the cutting basin.

Our abrasive sludge extraction and settling system has been designed for large and medium-sized cutting systems with an abrasive consumption of over 500 g/min and a working area of any size. The system can be easily integrated into the existing cutting line (one or more special tube systems) and reliably removes abrasive sludge during operation. A SIEMENS control system controls the extraction process.

Extracted sludge is pumped directly into one of two big bags. The second Big Bag acts as an overflow for an additional settling area. The use of our special Big Bags ensures a very good and reliable filtration performance.


Your advantages with the MBM ASAS

  • higher efficiency due to reliable extraction process
  • reduced disposal and operating costs
  • fully automatic circulation system
  • system can be installed up to 7 m away from the cutting basin
  • direct system integration for cutting basins of all sizes
  • reduced disposal volume due to drying out of the big bags and space-saving transport possibility for central disposal

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