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the innovative extension for your sieving task

The multi-deck sieving machine is a linear throw vibrating sieve with horizontal separating surfaces for classifying dry bulk materials. It has the following advantages in particular:

  • Classification in a wide range of particle size classes
  • combination of pre- and post-sieving in one machine
  • highest separation efficiency, especially in the fine and ultra-fine particle range
  • favorable mass/performance ratio, low static and dynamic loads in the structure
  • large sieving area with low space requirement

Their special field of application is in the throughput range from a few kg h-1 to approx. 50 t h-1 feed material, depending on the

  • the type of material to be classified
  • the particle size distribution of the feed material
  • the number and position of the desired separation cuts
  • the required separation efficiency or the permissible oversize content of the finished material fractions.

The machine is now manufactured in eight different screen deck sizes. The number of sieve decks ranges from three to twenty-three. The modular design principle makes it possible to put together solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

Advantages of our vibrating screening machines

  • high efficiency
  • easy to integrate
  • easy handling

These machines can be adapted constructively to individual requirements.

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